Fall 2021 Specials!

  • Adult Evening Classes - 1 hour classes via Zoom $25 weekly​

    • Series of 8 classes 

    • Offered Monday - Thursday evenings

    • Classes are tailored to the student's interests

Text Mrs. P. at (915) 408-7719 for more information about these specials for a quicker response!  Let's start speaking Spanish together. 



30-minute intensive conversational Spanish classes for 3-6 year old children 


After years of working with young children, Mrs. P. has created a curriculum loosely based on what is used in Dual Language Classrooms across the country.  It is a positive, upbeat, fun-filled 30 minutes of intensive conversational Spanish.  Singing and reciting are an important part of every class.  Mrs. P. uses a unique seasonal theme that is natural and easy for kids to follow.  

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I especially like how her classes follow monthly themes.  It is super fun!  -- Susana K.

After three years of conversational Spanish with Mrs. P, my son can hold his own in his kindergarten Dual Language Program.  Mission accomplished Mrs. P. -- Michael S.

My children ask to log on when it is not a class day.  They love their Mrs. P. -- Heather S.

My son just turned 7 and won't be in class with Mrs. P this year, but she gave him such a great start!  He will never forget her.  Gracias Mrs. P! -- Sara G.

Yes, Mrs. P has taught my son Spanish, but, more importantly, she has taught him to love and respect himself.  Priceless in any language! -- Sallie W.

My 3-year old is constantly teaching us Spanish.  Gracias Mrs. P! -- Sara G.

Thank you Mrs. P., the twins are repeating your Spanish words all the time! -- Maria D.

He has enjoyed your classes so much and it has stuck with him! -- Andrea S.


Mil gracias por tu información!



El Paso preschool teacher emphasizes benefits of learning Spanish, offers classes